Friday, May 24, 2013

Raised Beds, Pay Off Early

April 19th, I blogged about the raised beds, Mike, Dianne and Copper had built in their back yard. It took them another week to finish the project, so I wanted to update you on the progress they've made in a month.

Pictured above are the green beans planted in one raised bed. Bamboo stakes and string was used for the plants to run, simple, but effective.

Above, Mike is making sure his sugar peas are growing up the trellis he constructed in this bed.

This bed is growing squash, bigger than some planted in our garden at the same time.

Mike and Copper admire the fruits of their labor, after constructing and planting the four raised beds.

Dianne grew these tomato plants from seed in her dinning room window before planting in this raised bed.

I like this idea of placing the seed packs in a plastic bag, tacking to the raised bed, so you can't forget the types of seeds planted, plus all the info is handy! Also, I think the rain gauge is a plus.

Now, Dianne can sit back and enjoy, too, until watering and fertilizing is needed.

As, you can see, raised beds pay off early, regardless, of your space and time. I bet you have some materials you can use like old planks, cross ties, bricks, or rocks to build a little garden somewhere in your landscape.
It won't be long before Mike, Dianne and Copper are enjoying fresh veggies in a meal. I'm amazed their raised beds have only taken a couple of months from start to now!
Until Next Time........
Happy Gardening 2013!
Posted by Wilma Smith 

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