Monday, February 20, 2012

A President's Day Salute

On this President's Day 2012, I wanted to share with you my "patriotic corner".  Much of this collection my father and I earned as both of us served our country in the U. S. Army. Pictured above is a top hat adorned with insignia I wore on my military attire. I feel this is especially appropriate today as it reminds me of President Lincoln 

Years ago, I made this Uncle Sam rabbit (pictured above) when my mom owned a craft store and I loved it so much, I couldn't bear to sell it but now resides with other "Americania" in my special corner. The plants are two Thanksgiving Cactus which are a favorite house plant.  I have a total of five in the colors of red, peach and fuchsia.

Above are some crystal pieces I acquired over time. They sit on a glass table top in my corner. The big eagle was a gift from the United States Postal Service in 2009 when I retired after 35 years (three years of military service included). The collector's plate is from a 1776-1976 Bicentennial Celebration.

My father added these Nazi artifacts (above) through his WWII experience during military service in Northern Africa and Europe. The gun is a German officer's automatic pistol encased in a leather holster with a clip. Amazingly, it still works but I never use it for protection! The metal box is  filled with Nazi insignia which have never been researched for the exact origin or why the German soldier may have worn them.

Now you have seen a little corner of my world and my heart (pictured above) which includes an immense love of my country. So today, I want to salute all our presidents, past and present for their service to America. Knowing the responsibility I felt as an enlisted soldier, it's hard to imagine all the responsibility our leaders have had and do have on their shoulders in their duty to the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness.

And as on any patriotic holiday, I also salute the men and women in uniform who continue to keep America safe and free!

posted by Wilma Smith

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