Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Gardenias and New Flooring

Lately, I've been lax blogging, mainly because I've had new flooring installed and it's like moving in a way. You have to pack up or move pictures, nick nacks, and things (really not needed) lying around because every piece of furniture has to be moved out of the rooms. If you have pets (like I do), you also have to keep them occupied somewhere out of the way.

Although this can be pretty stressful for the pets and homeowner, I discovered my little gardenia bush was packed full of blooms and Tia, Todd, Sunny Boy, Mr. Basil and myself were soothed by the blooms (as seen above) and the amazing aroma!

Initially, gardenias originated from China introduced in 1763 by Dr. Alexander Garden (love the name). However, as we know most all ornamental shrubs and bushes have evolved through time with propagation, research, new ideas and techniques into often hundreds, even thousands of varieties and exciting lineages.

My bush is a type of miniature which I needed in the space I planted it, as I have other perennials and annuals in this small bed.

Gardenias are evergreen shrubs that usually bloom in late spring or summer depending on the variety with glossy leaves and gorgeous white flowers that turn a leathery brown at maturity. They grow well in part shade or full sun and like good potting, peat type soil (don't use lime). Especially during spring and blooming keep the soil moist but not as much during winter. Propagate with cuttings. I don't remember "ever" fertilizing mine, but do add good soil to the bed every year.

While the new floor was installed Mr. Basil catted around all night and now just wants to catch up on his sleep!

A pic of my new floor. It's not the most expensive, but I like it and so do my pets because it's cooler and easy to maintain.

I recommend anyone to add a gardenia to their landscape, as not only is it a beautiful bush, it will add an aroma that can be enjoyed year after year with little or no maintenance.

Until Next Time.........

Happy Gardening 2013!

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  1. Love gardenis's they smell so good too! Thanks for sharing yours.