Saturday, August 3, 2013

Summer Blooms

All summer, I've been taking and saving pictures for this blog. I have a lot of flowers that bloom in spring and many that bloom in fall, but if you're like me, my summer bloomers (July, August) are pretty sparse. So, I hope you'll get some ideas (like me) to insure you have more blooms in your yard and garden next year during these hot summer months. As you can see above, sunflowers attrack beneficial insects and birds, are beautiful and even great for snacks when the seeds dry.

Nasturtiums are not only good for borders and as potted plants on patios and decks, but the blooms are edible and nutritious.

Black-eyed Susan's are wildflowers that will bloom all summer, every year. This bloom was the first, however, more sprang up in clumps after cutting the grass a couple of times.

Day lily blooms do exactly what they're named, last for a day. Best to take off the bloom once it dies (usually in a day). Enjoy it while it lasts!

This beautiful rose was grown at Pine Forrest Gardens.


Gardenias are one of my favorite, pure white and gorgeous. I love the perfume in my back yard.

Canna is one of the best blooms lasting through summer. Next year, I hope to add a yellow variety.
It is easy to grow and needs some loving care when planting. Check out for more info.

This peach day lily bloom is one of my favorite, I love the ruffles.

Also, wild flowers are the primrose that bloomed everywhere at the edge of the garden.

Rose Moss will bloom all summer. It comes in all colors and makes a great border, and addition to patio, deck, or planters. I love it because it's easy to grow and it's a succulent.

Here's another bloom from Pine Forest Gardens greenhouse owned by Richard Jolley, located at 556 Ellison Rd., Tyrone, GA   30290. I like cacti too!

Another day lily in my yard that bloomed this summer. I hope these blooms give you some ideas to increase the summer blooms in your yard and garden next year.

I plan to add other summer plants to my summer blooms, hope you do the same. Let me know your suggestions.


Until Next Time...........

Happy Gardening 2013!

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