Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Happy Fall Ya'll...!!

I don't care as much for the cooler weather but no doubt, I love the changes that come with our different seasons in the great state of Georgia. A single sycamore leaf (seen above), says it all for me in fall. A time to change, new ideas for the garden, festive color for the holidays and more time spent indoors with houseplants (that from spring through summer I neglect). 

You don't have to live in the mountains for the leaves to change just have more patience. I had a couple of fishermen enjoying the fall weather on this morning.

Sweet gum trees come in all colors, red, yellow, orange and even burgundy.

This golden maple in my backyard looks orange in the evening with the sun going down but earlier in the day it looks golden yellow.

Close to my house on the driveway there's plenty of red colors, native persimmon, sassafras and a few trees, I need to identify.


A golden young hickory enjoying rays from the evening sun.

An early morning picture of the same golden maple taken off my new deck.

Another view of the big lake and fall colors (all native trees).

The yellow tree on the right is a native sycamore.

 I love the reflections seen in the water on a beautiful fall day!
Winter will begin December 21st and maybe snow will replace the fall leaves in my driveway before spring. But right now...Happy Fall Ya'll..!!
Until Next Time.......
Happy Gardening 2013!
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