Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Use Imagination to Make a Holiday Wreath

Deberah and I were in charge of the presentation at the November 25th, Crossroads Garden Club meeting. Our subject was "Making Holiday Decorations," we both made table and door decorations for the holidays using live plants from our yards and herb garden.

I made this wreath (seen above) from two types of holly plants that grow in my yard. Maintenance for both is practically zero, except for trimming. Benefits include year round green and best of all in winter, red berries when most plants in the yard add little or no color.

There are approximately, six hundred varieties of plants in the holly family, some date back to ancient times used in pagan rituals. Maybe, this is where using holly for our holidays started?

Regardless, I just used a little imagination to make my holly wreath. 

The first step for making the wreath was to harvest the plants. I made sure each limb selected was full of berries.

Second, I gathered and organized materials and tools. For live woody plants such as holly, pine, and cedar, I like a straw wreath, as it holds moisture (wreath made for outdoors) and has a sturdier base than styrofoam. I also used floral picks, floral tape and floral wire (used to make the hanger), plus a glue gun to finish off the project. Needle nose pliers are a must when making live wreaths, or sprays with floral wire, add ribbons and bows to that list. I only used materials from previous holiday projects for this wreath making the price very cheap.

I covered the wreath with metallic paper ribbon using hot glue to secure it to the straw wreath.

Then I began to build the wreath with longer holly branches made from floral picks, wrapping the wire around the plant then wrapping with floral tape (as seen above) around the stems and pick. I make a hole in the straw wreath with a tool (pick or screwdriver) then inserted the pick. Continue with the longer pieces all around the base.

Continue to build the wreath the same way, except shorten the length of the stems as you fill in the wreath toward the inside.

Once the wreath appears full use the glue gun to fill in any spaces with greenery or berries (no picks needed).

You can make a similar wreath for the holidays, regardless of the evergreen plants in your yard or garden, you choose. Just use similar methods. Most evergreen plants will last 30 to 45 days outside before shedding, even longer, if misted with water regularly.

Just use your "Imagination" to make an inexpensive wreath or spray.

Until Next Time......

Happy Gardening 2013!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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