Thursday, February 20, 2014

Time to Plant Flower and Vegetable Seeds


I think I'm still on the "Weather Roller Coaster," we've been riding January and February 2014, but it's exciting to start thinking and talking gardening this week.

During the first (below or at zero temps) cold snap some of my pipes burst in the pump house and  I had to visit Lowe's for PVC pipes. Exiting, I found they had moved their seed display to the front of the store and was impressed at the extend of vegetable/flower seeds, bulbs, fruit trees/bushes and small tools available in the display.

I knew then, it was time to plan, organize and buy seeds to start our garden this year!

Depending on your situation in your yard and garden, seeds can be started in little bio-degradable cups like these or straight into prepared soil outside. You can also make your own seed starters in small Dixie cups or even egg cartons.

I usually start my seeds in small leftover plastic pots, outside. If you have florescent or grow lights in the basement or garage you can also jump start your seeds earlier than February. Make sure if sprouts become leggy to alternate with natural sunlight.

Since we garden organically, I bought several packs of early crop seeds like sugar peas, carrots, spinach, radish and lettuce. We'll buy other early crops like onions and potatoes at Arnall's Seed Store. Deberah, also ordered 2014 seeds on line to plant now to grow plants for the garden when the temperature warms. Plant vegetables and flowers seeds now to be ready for spring and summer seasons.
Also, now is the time to plant or transplant fruit trees and bushes.  Make sure you prepare soil by digging a spot large enough for the roots, add good soil/humus (like leaves or fine wood mulch) make sure you have proper drainage (no water standing) and keep the soil moist. When you see new leaves forming, you'll know you've done it right.
Nothing better but to pick your first apple, peach, blueberries, figs or strawberries, either just eat or make a pie or jam!
Lowe's has a great variety of flower bulbs and tubers for now. When the fever hits and spring is in the air (warmer week-ends), inventory will dwindle, so plan and buy now for the best selection.
I like this bulb/planter tool because it's sturdy and saves the back when small holes are needed, especially for packed dirt. 

Buy and plant flower seeds now for your yard and garden. Even if you have container or raised beds used for flowers. All you'll need is a hoe and rake to break up the soil, spread the seeds (depending on seed size) then rake soil over the seeds. Water if there is a dry spell. Initially fertilizer is not required for tender sprouts.

Many summer flower and vegetable seeds need planting early to insure hardy roots and healthy plants for May and June crops and flowers.. Check the back of seed packs or on line for how long it takes to germinate and when you need to plant.

Good luck planting!!!

Until Next Time........

Happy Gardening 2014!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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