Sunday, April 27, 2014

Growing Tulips in Pots

In December at the Crossroads Garden Club Christmas Party, my mother ended up with two bags of tulips as her gift. The bulbs sat in her garage all winter and when I ask her what do you want to do with the tulips, she told me let's pot them. What a great idea! As, you see above this year potting her bulbs was a great choice.

I found a large cedar pot at my house belonging to her after years of sitting in my pump house. We rinsed it out and bought a bag of potting soil, planted just one bag of tulips, adding fertilizer and soil two inches above the bulbs. The other bag was put in a plastic bag and placed in her freezer.

Several weeks later (even in the cold weather, which may have helped), the tulip plants were up including the flowers! Mother told me yesterday, she really didn't think they would do so well, this late in the season. But no doubt this year the cooler weather prolonged the spring season to plant lots of bulbs, seeds, and early plants anywhere in your yard, garden, raised beds and pots.

The tulip blooms tell a different story and  mother is enjoying the big pot on her back deck!

Crazy, but nights are still cool this week and the gardening season is just beginning. Local garden centers have lots of seeds, plants and bulbs left for ya'll to get started (anyway you like, pots, seeds or plants) in the borders, yard or gardens.

Gotta love the tulips above!!

Until Next Time.......

Happy Gardening 2014!

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