Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Find Your Spring Seeds Online

Even winter can be time to plan for spring gardening and part of that planning is finding the seeds you want to plant when the weather changes. I am not quite ready to plant tons of seeds since we still have quite a bit of winter left, even here in the south, but I think it is time to start a few seeds indoors so that they will be ready for spring.

Last year I ordered Evergreen Bunching Onions, American Flag Leeks, Genovese Basil and Oregon Sugar Pod II Pea Seeds. I have ordered a couple of times from Sustainable Seed Company and I have been happy with their seeds -- plus, I am pretty cheap and their seeds were about the cheapest I could find, $1.99 per pack. I like the fact that they also tell you which areas of the country the seeds will do well in because of the recommendations of state extension services. This makes me feel better about my choices.

I really like the Baker Seed Company. They have tons of rare and heirloom seeds -- maybe more than any company around. I received their beautiful catalog and I have seen one of their lovely magazines, new this year. I would love to just order every unusual vegetable or flower they have but I just can't because I don't have the money or the room. I sure do love their company. They have set their company apart from the rest with their exceptional marketing skills. One day I will try them but the price was not right for their seeds this time.

I like Territorial Seed Company. They have so many seeds and I believe they have many of the popular heirloom seeds, too. They are a little higher in price but I believe, a good company.

Gurney's has so many sales and good offers. I would love to try them because they have so many varieties.

I have tried many of the Landreth Seed Company's seeds because they always have a booth at the Atlanta Flower Show. I always stand in line to buy seeds from them. I have found out from buying their seed, for instance, that I like the Italian version of Zucchini. I think I still have a few packs of unusual seeds that I haven't tried yet, but I will dig them out around planting time. I can't get seeds from the Atlanta Flower Show this year because it has been cancelled. What a disappointment!

I have ordered a couple of things from the Whatcom Seed Company. They have really rare plants and seeds. I ordered Tea Plant seeds or camellia sinensis and they never sprouted.

That has also been a problem with the basil and onion seeds I have ordered in the past but this year I am planning to change all that by researching and finding better ways to start seed for spring.

It is easy to find a seed company online, just do a google search and find the company you like. If you have a favorite, I can assure you, some of these companies will have seeds for you!

-- Posted by Deberah

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  1. I need all the "seed" advice I can get, so thanks for the tips!