Friday, January 20, 2012

Welcome to Two Sisters Gardening!

Welcome to Two Sisters Gardening, a new blog that will feature the gardening experiences, trials and tribulations of Wilma Smith and Deberah Williams, sisters who have been gardening together for the past several years. "The more we garden, the more fun we have together!"

Wilma, loves everything nature has to offer and is naturally gifted with a green thumb. She loves the great outdoors, animals and loves to plant, tend and decorate with flowers, raise vegetables and tend to her outdoor landscape. Living by a lake gives her plenty of opportunity to see nature at its best.

Deberah is a graphic designer who loves to garden, though her true love has always been growing vegetables. Speaking of vegetable gardening she says, "I love to grow them, cook with them and I am always looking for a better way to raise my veggies organically." She is an Art Director for the local, Newnan-Coweta Magazine, and shares experiences about gardening, recipes and hints and tips on her blog, Everyday Finesse.

This past year their successes have been great but found it discouraging at times to raise an organic garden in middle Georgia where they live. Because of their struggles, they decided to apply to become Master Gardeners at their local extension office. They felt that being involved in this program would help them fill the holes in their garden knowledge because it offers participation in college-level gardening courses and volunteerism. Deberah was promptly turned down and Wilma had an interview and received her rejection notice soon after.

Though discouraged, this didn't last long because they hatched a new plan that would help them to receive garden knowledge plus help other aspiring gardeners at the same time. The plan included starting this blog where they would offer the techniques they had learned as organic gardeners to others and enlist experts and novices to share their experiences, too. They decided that the tips and hints will include how-tos, videos, and they will answer all gardening questions they receive as best they can by exploring existing publications and asking experts for advice.

This blog will include recipes, endless tips, advice from experts, tours of gardens of all types, guest bloggers and reviews of garden products and techniques. In other words -- all things gardening.

Also, they are starting a new local and online garden club called the Crossroads Garden Club, and the meetings and useful information they learn will be shared as well. This club will be affiliated with the National Garden Club and the Georgia Garden Club and will be in the Redbud District, just as any other local club would be. There will be regular meetings, but it will be open online for those who can't attend meetings.

It's time to get started because spring will be here before you know it! So readers, get your garden tools, fertilizers and garden seeds ready and tune up the tiller, because we are ready to break new ground!


  1. Congratulations, Wilma and Deberah! I look forward to following along on your new adventure!

  2. Hey there! Are you guys interested in (or know anyone that would be interested in) coming and volunteering time to beautify the flower bed in front of The Salvation Army? We heard about you guys forming a new club here in Newnan and thought we would ask :)