Monday, July 9, 2012

Hot Weather Tips for Gardens

As a kid, growing up in the south, I'm use to hot weather....lots of hot weather.....drought conditions and plenty of baking sun on my shoulders, but lately the 105, 106 degree weather has pushed me (since I'm older) to judge yard and garden plants to the limits of what can and can't be done to keep the the best and fittest to survive during droughts and brutal.... no rain weather. So, I,m researching for the best "Hot Weather Tips for Gardens." 

Of course the best and most important hot weather tip, I can give anyone is to water your yard or garden. Once you see wilt at least cool the plants down with a shower, prefably, in the morning, but evening will work, if that's your only option due to your schedule.. Watering in the morning, reduces fungal disease or mold forming during the night on roots and plant crowns.  At least, a quick shower either in the morning or afternoon helps to cool vegtables and flowers down, even if, it dosen't benifit the roots to the extent of stimulatulating new growth on the plant.

The second (some say the first) best tip is to mulch....mulch and mulch some more. Mulch prevents water evaperation, evens soil temperature and reduces stress on plants preventing disease and accumulation of pests and weeds. Mulch creates an enviornment and a great habitat for earthworms and other benificial insects that improve soil and decompose wood chips, newspaper and grass clippings used in the mulching process. 

Another great tip for "Hot Weather," never use plants or mulch treated with chemicals or herbicides., especially, if you maintain an organic garden. Pictured above are strawberries that need water but they, also need mulch and loving care to insure they grow bigger and produce fruit.

It's hard to spend the quiet time needed in the garden to mulch and water everyday. If you can't find the time, I hope you take just a few moments to reflect and take a deep breath for the green in your yard or garden.

Until next time.......Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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