Friday, July 13, 2012

Rose Moss -- A Rose by Another Name

Rose Moss, formally known as "Portulaca," is an annual succulent that loves a hot dry climate. It is also known as Moss Rose, Purslane and Sun Plant. Landscapers use it's fast growth capability in rock gardens, container plantings on decks and patios, and in hanging planters, as it can easily trail down the pot in that habitat. This easy to grow succulent blooms all summer long in different colors, such as, red, pink, yellow, orange, white and purple.

I bought a six pack (pictured above) at the discount rack at Lowe's for 31 cents several weeks ago and first planted them at the back of my house that doesn't get much sun. After a week, I could tell they didn't like this spot, dug them up and planted them in this antique slop jar then placed it in a sunny place in front of my garage and now these plants are doing great. (If, you don't know what a slop jar is you are probably a lot younger than me and were born with inside plumbing.)

I have grown several patches of Ross Moss in my yard over the years and I love that it continues to bloom throughout the hottest part of our Georgia summers without much maintenance. Amazingly, it abounds with some of the most concentrated sources of omega 3 fatty acids among all green vegetables. Certain varieties are eaten as a vegetable or salad in Turkey, Greece and Mexico. It also contains vitamins B ands C, plus nutritious antitoxins. Rose Moss originates from Argentina and Brazil and was introduced into Europe in 1827. Seeds have even been found in Greek archaeological sites dating back to 700 BC.

This plant likes sun, well drained loamy, sandy soil and doesn't mind if you forget to water now and again, but prefers you to water on a regular schedule during the hottest months of summer. The name of this plant (rose included) is really a rose by "another name" due to it's easy care and festive colors.

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