Monday, August 27, 2012

Gone Fishin'

This past weekend a good friend and his family came fishing at my home and although, I should have been gardening or doing yard work, now and again, taking a break is good for the soul. Plus, I was intrigued with their Brazilian heritage and enjoyed the excellent company. As you'll see it was an interesting and informative day. Above is Iloane Brooks and she caught this bass soon after she arrived. She is a beautiful and sweet girl that started this school year in the seventh grade and it was quickly apparent also a good fisherman.

Mom, Estela Brooks, explained she and her children were from Brasilia, capital of Brazil. I had heard she used some very simple fishing equipment, often catching the biggest and most fish. Growing up I used cane poles and even milk jugs with attached hooks, but her method allows her to fish from the bank with a large drink bottle, fishing line, a hook and several sinkers for weight during casting.

The end of the bottle is cut off, she attaches the fishing line to the bottle then wraps it around the middle of the bottle just like a reel. Next she puts her hook on the end and adds a couple of large weights to give her distance when she casts the line. To cast she holds the end of the bottle, grasps
the line above the hook and weights, as seen above, winds the end in a circular motion five or six times then lets go. The fishing line pulls off smoothly and casts far out into the water like any fifty dollar rod and reel.

Afterwards, it's just waiting for the fish to bite. When a fish bites and takes the bait Estela lays the bottle down on the bank and pulls her catch onto the bank. Since Estela was so proficient bottle fishing, I asked her where she got  the idea. She said, "In Brazil they could not always afford fishing equipment."

Iloane enjoyed a picnic on a break from casting and I thought the plastic laid down first was a thoughtful touch to keep moisture and insects at bay.

Danilo Brooks is in the eleventh grade this year and I noticed he not only enjoyed a lot of fishing, but took a break to chat with me. Not only is he funny and cute he is also a gentleman.

As you can see above, dad Alex Brooks is also a good fisherman. He brought good news concerning his new book, "The Correctional Affair"  being published by "Amazon" in the near future. I met Alex several years ago when he came fishing with a dear friend, I had worked with for ten years. I was impressed then when he told me he had written a book. It is a great accomplishment to follow through with such a dream. Many would be authors have good intentions but never make their dreams a reality.  Alex explained his book is a fictional romance, love triangle based on personal experience with a first marriage, divorce and work as a juvenile correction officer. He also told me his novel has a cliff hanger ending and will make you want to read his second book! I am very proud of him and wish him much success. I'll let you know, as soon as, it's available.

Saturday was a beautiful day, the breeze felt good under the shade, the company was great and I needed to "Take Time to Enjoy the Simple Things in Life."

Think I'll make a sign that says "Gone Fishin'" to hang on my garden fence since it means the same thing!

Until next time..........

Happy Gardening 2012!

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