Monday, September 17, 2012

Calaboose Cellars Winery Visit

A couple of months ago Deberah, Jerry and I, took a trip to Andrews, North Carolina to meet some cousins for a fun week-end. This was our third trip to Andrews to hook up with family cousins and I must admit, I enjoy visiting this quaint mountain town every time. It's located twenty minutes from Cherokee, close to rafting on the Natahala, hiking on the Appalachian Trail, and fishing for trout on some of the cleanest creeks and rivers I've ever seen. Oh yes, close to the casinos in Cherokee, if you prefer indoor sports.
Regardless, we always stop by the local winery, "Calaboose Cellars," for a little tasting and to take home some souvenirs. I was excited this year to see the raised bed vegetable garden added this year. It was the first thing we saw as we parked.
The size of their tomatoes and peppers were amazing, unfortunately, I had a senior moment (or maybe tasted to much wine) and didn't get the name of the variety or ask the owners what technique they used to grow such a fabulous crop. 
The "Romas seen above were huge! 

The bell peppers were big and a beautiful green. There wasn't any trace of disease or pests. 

A few feet away from the vegetable garden were grape vines overlooked by mountains and a white church steeple.


Customers enter through the back of the winery by the deck.

A better photo of the mountains from the deck.

I caught a photo of a friend harvesting some bamboo poles.

As soon as the previous customers left, Judy got busy getting our glasses down so that we could sip this years best wines.

Inside you can see some of the vats used to make their delicious wine. "Up the River," a strawberry rhubarb wine was one of my favorites.

If a taste is not enough for you, enjoy a glass on the deck before you leave while also enjoying a view of the Great Smokey Mountains.

I loved the wine bottle tree on the side of the building. It makes a great garden ornament, I think I'll try one somewhere in my yard, maybe on a smaller scale.

There is a lot of history to this establishment. It is actually an old jail. The owners Eric and Judy, added on to the left side, but the small rock structure is the original jail. You can find out more about the history by visiting their website at www.


The original cell door is used as another garden ornament in the yard.

Leaving I took a picture of their shed decorated with old wash tubs and tools. Check out the Black-Eyed Susan's blooming to the right.

You may not have cousins to meet, but if you ever visit Andrews, North Carolina. I hope you'll stop buy the jail and experience the fun!

Until next time.........

Happy Gardening 2012!

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