Friday, September 21, 2012

How The Fall/Winter Garden Is Growing

As you can see above our fall/winter garden is beginning to to grow without all the rain we needed. The cooler weather helped, as fall/winter crops can't survive in temperatures above ninety degrees during the day and similar hot temps at night. A few recent showers have also been helpful, plus the mulching on individual plants.

In a few days the kale will be ready to pick.

The row of bok choy is up and growing. It will grow through the winter, even if we have a little snow. This is the third generation of plants grown from seeds we planted. We just let the plants bloom, cut the dry blooms and saved the seeds then planted the next year.

We planted another row of okra the last of August. Here is the proof  that summer crops can grow and produce in our Georgia climate in late fall.

Just like many summer crops, winter squash (don't let the name fool you) is growing and blooming very good in our late garden.

The squash blooms seen above are also a sign that fall/winter is a good growing season in our area.

I was worried about the collard, broccoli and brussel sprouts we planted several weeks ago because of the heat and lack of rain.

However, as seen above, a few showers at the right time insured some good root growth.

The turnip greens are in a race with the kale to see who gets picked first. My bet is on the turnip greens, what's yours?

Although, we dug sweet potatoes six weeks ago, there are plenty of shoots growing this fall. Hopefully, there will be another harvest before December.

The strawberry plants look good and should produce in early spring.

We planted lettuce earlier, but we didn't have a great success, only about three or four plants made it. I'm sure the temperature was still too hot or maybe we planted the seeds to deep. I feel like any garden is an experiment, you never know for sure the outcome in the beginning or at the end. Each year the weather, pests, etc. are different. This is regardless of your experience or knowledge, but if you love gardening it's always fun!

I wanted to update you on our garden cat, Mr. Basil. Tia is still looking after him like any good mother.

Hope your garden is growing well, too and that like us you keep experimenting every season.

Until next time........

Happy Gardening 2012!

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  1. Wilma, you really have a nice garden,you'll enjoy them come picking time. Tia is such a good puppy to take care of Mr.Basil.
    Have a good weekend.