Saturday, October 20, 2012

Time to Bring House Plants Inside

Some people never take their house plants outside. I have a breezeway and take mine out in spring and bring them back in the house before frost. The only plants, I keep inside all year are my two African Violets (seen above) or any cuttings, sprouting on my kitchen window sill.

I keep a couple of ceramic tiles under my violets, I bought for less than a dollar each. They keep the moisture from hurting the wooden antique sewing machine stand, I use in front of the big window on the west side of my living room.


I don't have the space or the light for too many indoor plants, so I only keep ten or twelve plants (mainly succulents) indoors during the winter. I'm especially fond of Thanksgiving or Christmas Cactus because they will bloom late in the season, even through to February. I have three different colors, magenta, red, and peach. Usually, I repot them in the spring, but this year, I missed the mark, so I need to repot them before I move them inside.

When I see the cactus' bud, it's time to move the plants indoors.

I only have three large indoor plants. A Jade and Corn Plant you see in the photo above.

And this Candelabra Cactus seen in this photo.

Keeping plants happy indoors isn't hard, they like the same things outdoor plants enjoy. Light, water, air and food. I like using stick fertilizers for indoor plants, it's simple and allows the plant to take in as much food as, they need. If a plant doesn't grow well in the spot you choose, try other spots until you see new growth on the stems or new leaves. You also, need to think about the temperature maintained in your house over the winter. I have an electric heat pump and I keep the thermostat set at 68 degrees. Hotter temps will affect plants, especially, if they are placed to close to the source of heat in your house.

Succulents are easy to grow, especially, if like me, you don't have skylights or sufficient light indoors. Plus blooming cactus add color to any room when the leaves are gone and the weather has turned cold outside.

Although, the cooler temperatures may turn warmer, again, be ready to move your inside/outside plants, inside to prevent any sudden drops in temps and loss of a favorite plant.

So until next time.......

Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith


  1. love your violets,,I just don't seem to have the green thumb to grow them.

    1. Don't give up! These are the first violets I've been successful growing. They are in continuous bloom mode due to being somewhat pot bound. Since they are tempermental flowers, I think alot has to do finding the right spot in the house. I water at least once a week, never on the leaves. I keep any old flowers or leaves pinched off and use fertilizer sticks. I found mine like windows on the west side of my house. Good luck and let me know how yours grow. Thanks for your comments!

  2. I just got some hanging basket planters and want to hang them inside because I hear it's really good for the air in your home. I don't even remember the last time I had a garden though and hope my plants don't die right away.

  3. Stacey, thanks for your comment. I agree with your information and for me plants are not only good for the air in the home, but good for the soul,too!