Tuesday, November 20, 2012

A Trip to Murphy, North Carolina -- Alot Like Home


Earlier this year during a cousins reunion, Deborah, Jerry and I visited Murphy, North Carolina. It's a small town that reminds me of my Saturday morning's shopping and enjoying downtown Newnan when I was a kid. Often I would spend Friday night with my best friend Cheryl then Saturday morning her Aunt Helen would park on the square, and we would watch people pass by listening to her comments (she was quite the comedian). Never mean just entertaining.

The square in Murphy has been landscaped beautifully with shrubs and flowers, brick walks, fountains and benches, the perfect setting for people watching.

Above is a Methodist Church that is not the only architecture adding to the Murphy's charm.

As we browsed the many antique and specialty shops, we heard music in the back of a coffee shop and enjoyed a harp and guitar concert while drinking our coffee. Talking with the musicians we were enlighten to find the instruments and music is a mountain tradition handed down and kept alive by these musicians. 

At the local farmers market a train museum was open to visitors in an old railroad car.

This is an exact replica of Murphy, North Carolina the train passes on it's trip through the country side and several other small communities.

I snapped a picture of this young musician playing some lively county tunes on her fiddle at the farmer's market.


On our departure I noticed another impressive building on the square. Murphy is not too far off the way to Cherokee, North Carolina and is certainly worth the time and effort.

Small towns may not be your forte, but if your a gardener, the music, atmosphere, gracious hospitality and flora will make you feel right at home.

Until next time.....

Happy Gardening 2012!

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