Saturday, November 3, 2012

Use Hardy Winter Plants for Color

After the beautiful yellow, red and orange colors are gone from your landscape in fall, try planting hardy ornamentals now to give it color through the winter months. Besides shrubs, fruit trees and spring bulbs these are the main plants you'll find at your local garden suppliers.

If you don't have the time, energy or space to dig or add a spot use containers to brighten your deck, patio and walkway. These hardy plants will survive during middle Georgia's mild winters (even though, I've heard rumors this year we may have colder temperatures than the last two).

Every year growers develop more varieties and more colors for consumers.
Ornamental cabbage (as seen above) centers come in white, violet and purple color varieties, also yellow to orange. If you prefer the variety to eat (and you can find the plants) brussel sprouts and broccoli planted now will produce in late spring, if mulched and weeks of hard freezes don't occur this winter.
Last winter (2011) my pansies bloomed through May of this year. Regardless of what idea you have to enhance your landscape there is still time before freezing temps in our area.
And there is also plenty of time to plant new shrubs, fruit trees, spring bulbs and grass, however, you may need to water, as I am not so confident about the amount of rainfall.
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Happy Gardening 2012!
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  1. Every year I say that I am going to plant some ornamental cabbage and then I never do. I think they are so pretty!