Friday, April 19, 2013

Raise the Bar -- No Raise the Bed

If you're not inclined to till a garden spot, try building raised beds like Mike and Dianne (my neighbors and fellow gardeners) to grow your veggies and herbs. They are improving their outdoor living space while saving time and money at the grocery store this year, as well as, future seasons.

Although the initial cost of building supplies, soil, seed or plants hit your pocket in the beginning, later benefits kick in and you're glad the investment was made.

Mike and Dianne chose to make four, 2X6' beds, as seen above. The corner posts were approximately a foot in height. Rather than landscape ties or other material wood materials, Mike chose decorative planks that blended more with his new slate table and brick patio.

Lowe's had garden soil on sale the week-end they bought supplies. They bought peat moss and manure to mix into the top layers of their beds. Dianne bought tomato seeds, onion sets and other favorites, grew them inside in February to plant in the beds once completed. 

Their dog Copper (a Redbone-Lab Mix) loved helping Mike every minute in the back yard constructing the beds!

Prior to securing the beds and adding the soil, Mike placed plastic tarp underneath to prevent unwanted weeds. Note, water can drain through the type of protection he used under his beds.

Copper post tops were placed on each corner of their raised beds matching the copper squares in their new slate table, umbrella set.

Copper, worked so hard helping Mike and Dianne, he needed a drink from the bird bath. I think he had a lot of influence on this project (Copper, what do you think?)

Mike and Dianne, raised the bar in their backyard by adding raised beds to their outdoor living space. I can't wait till they ask me over for dinner to include some of those fresh veggies, they cook on the grill.

There are lots of advantages in using this method of gardening:

    *Easier to maintain a planting schedule
    *Easier to weed
    *Less traffic from animals & humans
    *Control soil & fertilizer
    *Saves time
    *Less stress on bones & joints
    *Lots more, especially, if you build one

Until next time.......

Happy Gardening 2013!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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