Thursday, April 25, 2013

"What's Going On" in the Garden...

Finally, as seen above, our garden is catching up and beginning to take shape. Thankfully, Spring 2013, was a season. For several years, it went from winter to summer (cold to hot) but this Spring has been cool and warm and I am certainly not complaining!

However, garden wise, we tend to remember the failures and successes from a few years past and plant accordingly.

The potatoes are beginning to grow (seen above is a row of red), best for boiling and adding to a pot of green beans or a crab boil. This is a short row, the long row (half red/half white) look just as good.

The leeks on the right, Deberah planted from seed last year can be thinned out and the ones we pull cooked now. On the left is kale, a cool weather green that will be ready soon for sauteing or add to a healthy shake.

Pictured above is a row of carrots, hard to see now, but by fall, they should be big enough to store bunches in the fridge. Jerry and I worked half a day hoeing, fertilizing and mulching last week. Luckily, too, Spring 2013 has provided adequate rain saving us from watering.

Our lettuce is so sweet. You can't buy this in a bag at the grocery store.

The strawberries are blooming and we should be able to enjoy produce in several weeks. I bought a flat at Lowe's last year, but to be honest, I should have researched the varieties. These are not ever bearing and may only produce one season, per year. I'm hoping the flavor makes it worth the time.

Last year the sugar peas were three times this size at the end of April. We used the same fence as last year for the trellis. Just shows the difference in seasons and placement. It's a good idea to rotate crops every year.

Although, not pictured we also have several rows of "Rattlesnake" green beans, twelve tomato plants (so far) and at least six rows of squash coming up. Our two rows of cucumbers haven't sprouted and may need to be replanted.

As Marvin Gaye sang it, so well, that's, "What's Going On" in the garden this week. I'll be hoeing to that song for a while!

Until Next Time......

Happy Gardening 2013!

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