Monday, May 6, 2013

Beeing Happy!

Last week end Jerry, Deborah and I traveled to Buster's Bees located at 3910 Champagne Drive, Jonesboro, GA to pick up our hive of bees. Because we are novices in the beekeeping craft, we chose to buy an established hive, only requiring us to pick it up and place it on our property (removing a screen over the entrance and exit) and feeding the bees sugar water to keep them satisfied until they get use to their new home.

So, far it appears to me they like it here, as they should. Now they are not competing with other hives, they have more water than at their old home and there is plenty of blooms around to keep them busy.

Above, you can see what I mean by the completion, but Fran and Buster have a great place for their bee business. They build all the hives from inside out (with love) to include the frames, wax and every detail the bees need to grow, feed and make honey. Plus, they have a store on sight where they sell clothing, tools and any supplies needed for the craft.

There's something about bees that make you happy! Just look at this picture of Jerry and his honey, Deborah waiting on our hive to bee loaded for home (no puns, intended). 

While Buster and his friend loaded the hive on our truck, I took a closer look at the old truck in the background. Looks to be a Willis Jeep model to me but I am certainly no antique car expert.



Either way, I like driving a truck and this beauty had a big "W" on the tailgate, so what do you think? I didn't get a chance to ask Buster. Let me know your guess for a chance to win a "Rose of Sharon" bush.

Tia and Todd even seem more loving and happier, since we brought the bees home.

Bees are phenomenal and have a fantastic role in a yard and garden (increasing blooms and harvests), besides producing honey, a major organic ingredient in thousands of recipes.

They can travel miles in their quest for pollen and nectar to gather, helping all landscapes along the way and with every buzz, they're happy doing it.

Until Next Time Bee Happy........

Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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  1. And you "bee" happy too, Wilma! Thanks for the fun post!