Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Nelson Gardens

Last Saturday, Mike, Dianne and I attended a food raiser/fund raiser for the Coweta County Pet Food Pantry at Mike and Charlotte Nelson's house. I was excited to go because Charlotte is such a great gardener, as well as, a big animal lover (she has a side business, as a pet sitter; walking, feeding and care taking pets while their owners are on vacation, need assistance, or any situation).

So, even the rain didn't stop the event, they just moved the food, donations and people inside, ringing a bell every so often to give away door prizes. What a fun day!

I spied this breath taking amaryllis (pictured above) from a window inside while enjoying some delicious treats and could hardly wait to go outside for a closer look. Reds are the only amaryllis bulbs I've ever planted and I thought they were the most vibrante, however, I stand corrected after admiring this two foot white.

After, a nice shower we were able to tour what I call the "Nelson Gardens" as with every turn of the head you wanted to look closer at the flowers, plants and neat decorations, like the pool above.

Charlotte informed us about her experiments with items bought straight out of the grocery store. Above is celery and red onions grown from the bottoms cut (usually mulched or thrown away) preparing dishes for a meal. She also has "Orville Redenbacher's Popcorn" coming up in another area.

A smart gardener uses all types of mediums in a garden and adds favorite concrete statues, as well as, decorations to add interest and space. Pebbles, river rock, bricks, wood chips and pine straw are a few I saw at the Nelson Gardens. I also saw ivy, a ground cover used making a great mulch to keep unwanted weeds at bay.

A wrought iron fence as a back drop gives this beautiful rose a dramatic effect. Yarrow is also growing in the foreground.

Charlotte is famous for her straw bale gardening method and as you see above, she has a good start this year with her vegtables. She was featured in the "Coweta Magazine" and has been a speaker at numerous garden clubs to include Coweta County's Backyard Association.

How cute is this idea?  I may have some old rubber boots in my basement.

Everywhere you looked (like the rose above) there were beautiful, healthy plants to enjoy and envy.

But the most important thing for the event was about the help pets will get from the donations to the Coweta County Pet Food Pantry received on Saturday!

From all the dog and cat food, treats, bowls, leashes, etc. pictured with Charlotte and Holly the event was a success!
I need to make a correction from my previous blog, as the Coweta County Pet Food Pantry gives individuals help feeding and caring for their animals when they have fallen on hard times and want to keep pets until better times.
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Happy Gardening 2013
Postedby Wilma Smith


  1. Great post. I don't think I've seen white Amaryllis, it is very pretty. I have red ones that are blooming now.

  2. Loved seeing the Nelson gardens! Charlotte is amazing, and even though I know I shouldn't be surprised by anything she is doing (planting Orville Redenbacher popcorn! replanting grocery store veggies!), I still am. And she's a kindhearted soul to boot. I think we agree, Charlotte rocks!

  3. Just happened upon your blog and have enjoyed reading your posts. I am always looking for ideas for our local garden club. You can check us out at monroevillegardenclub.blogspot.com if you would like to see what we have been doing.
    Bev Colquett