Saturday, September 21, 2013

Congradulations Sis! -- Master Gardener

I wanted to congratulate my sister for being selected as a candidate for the Coweta County Master Gardener Program 2014. The selection process is not easy, you apply, then you may or may not get an interview. It is competitive but Deberah made it through every stage. She is well deserving and will become a great addition to the Master Gardening Program for our county.

I love the picture of her I found in my archives! She is truly the "Martha Stewart" of gardening and cooking in our family and I am very proud of her.

Deberah and Jerry are not only family, they are also true gardening friends. Over the years, together we've learned a lot about organic gardening throughout all the seasons, spring, summer, fall and winter.
I am looking forward to learning from Deberah's new experience as a Master Gardener. Bet we'll have a better garden next year!
Congratulations Deberah!! I love you!!! 
Until Next Time......
Happy Gardening 2013
Posted by Wilma Smith

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  1. Oh my goodness. You are so sweet! I will do my best but I know in my heart you are the better gardener! Love You, too! Deberah