Thursday, September 26, 2013

An Unusual Sepember Garden

This year we had an especially unusual September garden, but as you see above "the fruits of our labor" in prior years and early this spring sustained any neglect made in the month of September. It seems, Jerry tilled and picked while Deberah worked on her projects and I worked on mine. I replaced carpet with other flooring, replaced a deck on the back of my house and replaced lots of pipes, faucets, etc. as well as, a few light fixtures.

Lucky for us there were no big insect infestations and the rain made the difference in growing plants and our harvest. I like to think our garden took care of itself.

2013 was the first year we had watermelons grow bigger than baseballs. Maybe it was due to Mr. Basil the garden cat, keeping the critters out, or the honey bees doing their job, maybe both.

I watched hummingbirds, as well as, honey bees pollinating the okra blooms. One of the best seasons ever for our okra harvest even though we planted late.

The sweet potatoes (grown in a different section of the garden) is still going strong this month. We've dug lots up and had at least three meals that included baked sweet taters.

Also, besides the tomatillos, the peppers (sweet, bell, hot and hotter) are continuing to grow. Sorry no pictures on this blog.

Also, the fishing seems to be better than ever this month. My favorite cousin Cary Smith (seen above) caught this beauty, after a couple of visits this month. Congratulations!!

We have usually watered the garden from the two acre lake next to the garden (especially during Georgia's extreme drought in our area), however I don't think it's been necessary this whole year to water except two or three times this September.

Now that is very unusual!

Until Next Time..........

Happy Gardening 2014

Posted by Wilma Smith


  1. yes, this year has made up for our lack of rain in the past years. I enjoyed your post today, it reminded me of when my daddy would have a garden and he always planted enough for the whole family. Okra,corn, rows and rows of beans and peas! Thanks for sharing and for the memories.

  2. I'd swear I felt the breeze get a few degrees warmer when I was reading about these tropical orchids !