Saturday, October 5, 2013

Brown Turkey Figs-- A Plus For the Garden or Yard

Brown Turkey Figs (Ficus carica) produce brown purplish fruit twice a year in late spring and again in late summer. Figs are sweet and nutritious, loaded with potassium, calcium, plenty of fiber and are good fresh or dried.

Whether, eaten fresh or dried this fruit (with it's Mediterranean origin) is filled with antioxidants, also has a laxative effect and is good for blood pressure.

Growing up, I remember our fig bush next to the pump house. Every year mother would make preserves (enough to last until the next year's harvest) and what a treat with toast, butter and sometimes homemade biscuits. Her canned preserve recipe was sweet with syrup and whole figs.

Figs are easy to root (one of the best ways to propagate), only need light to medium soil, only need consistent watering when first planted, and don't need much fertilizer. A little sun, some shelter and shade helps, but this hardy bush will do fine in full sun areas.

The fig leaf has represented the protector of modesty as seen in sculptures of Greek and Roman statures/paintings, as well as, Adam and Eve in the "Garden of Eden."

Regardless of what fruit is your favorite to plant in the garden, a fig will be a plus. So....

Until Next Time........

Happy Gardening 2013!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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