Tuesday, October 22, 2013

"Favorite Cousins" -- The Legend of Blowing Rock

A couple of week ends ago, Deberah, Jerry and I attended an annual "Favorite Cousins Reunion" in Blowing Rock, North Carolina. My dad's side of the family had annual reunions, as long as I can remember. As, many brother's and sisters passed away (including my dad), us first cousins decided, we wouldn't let our parent's family tradition fade away. Around 12 years ago we began to have cousins reunion week ends every year. At first, it was a little awkward, as we weren't kids anymore and all had different interests but after several reunions we bonded and found lots in common due to the love of our parents and heritage.

This year "Favorite Cousin," Judy and her husband Eric, recommended spending a weekend at Blowing Rock, North Carolina. Judy and I were elected to find the accommodations, as well as, make the agenda.

One place we decided to visit was "The Blowing Rock." I didn't realize the name of the town was named from an Indian Legend until I did a little research. The afternoon we visited, it became cloudy, except for a few openings in the clouds allowing sun rays to shine down on some of the mountains and valleys.

The legend goes something like this:
In the area, two tribes, the Cherokee and Catawba Indians were hostile to each other, however, a brave from one tribe and a squaw from the other tribe became star crossed lovers and once met on the rock above the John's River Gorge. During their meeting a storm with red clouds formed over the mountains. The brave felt he should return to his people and resume his duties, but his lover begged him to stay. In his turmoil to choose he jumped off the rock into the gorge below. The squaw seeing him jump chanted to the wind to bring him back. Her prayers were answered as the wind blew the brave back up into her arms. 

 Above you can see, "The Blowing Rock."  I was surprised to find you can actually climb to the top.

Eric and I were the only two cousins brave enough to climb to the top (the rock was slippery).

An overlook has been built close to the rock. Judy and Eric (my favorite cousins) said they felt the wind behind them when I took their photo. Star crossed lovers?

Blowing Rock, North Carolina is located along the Blue Ridge Parkway. We were a little disappointed as the leaves weren't as colorful as we had hoped, but Judy's thoughtful agenda took us to a cheese factory in Ashe County and a visit to Ben Long's famous frescoes at two beautiful Episcopal churches located 45 minutes from Blowing Rock.

After we returned to Blowing Rock then shopped and ate on main street, enjoyed the house we rented with a mountain view, fire pit, outdoor Jacuzzi and rocking chair front porch, while grilling and chilling.

Me, I love the legend of the rock and the time spent at our "Favorite Cousin Reunion." I'm looking forward to next year. I need to mention all my favorite cousins enjoy gardening!

Nobody knows where we'll go next year or what legends we'll discover in 2014!! So...

Until Next Time........

Happy Gardening 2013!

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  1. Beautiful photos and legend. Great idea of a favorite cousins reunion weekend. Like you, my parents, aunts and uncles are gone. I miss seeing those cousins we grew up with and saw at family reunions.