Friday, April 6, 2012

A Little Help for a Friend and Gardener

One of the biggest things I love about gardeners (regardless of knowledge or experience) is that we love to share and help one another. After a discussion with my friend and fellow gardener, Dianne, about a barren spot in her front yard, she expressed the need for some color that would last longer than just one short season. We put our heads together, looked at the spot, and slept on the plan to transform this spot into a colorful flower bed that everyone will enjoy throughout the spring and fall seasons, whether it be Dianne, Mike (her husband), friends and family or just someone driving by on the street.

Our quest began shopping at the local garden center to select plants that would add color and blooms, spring through fall. There were hundreds of options, but seen above, Dianne selected a trio of Knock Out Roses, "Radrazz," cherry red/hot pink blooms, disease resistant, drought tolerant, with little to no maintenance, black-spot resistant and blooms from spring to early frost for the back-drop of her garden. Great choice Dianne!

Next, the real work began. We placed the plants where they needed to be planted insuring the spacing and grouping worked with the space. These roses were bought in one gallon containers and as seen above hole diggers and a sharp edge shovel were the right tools to complete this job and make the work easier.

Dianne bought 30 pounds of garden soil to mix with the original soil in her garden spot for added moisture and nutrients.

We dug the holes, three times the size of the one gallon pots and used approximately, ten pounds of garden soil combined with the original soil to guarantee the success of each plants' growth.

Water was added to each hole prior to planting and as seen above, we checked each plant to insure that the dirt did not cover the crown of the plants where the roots and stems meet. This just required adding soil to the hole until the plant was in position.

I think these knock out roses are a good start to fill this space for my friend's need for color. Often, just like decorating a room, too much, too soon, won't give you the ambiance or feel you want for the space. So, let's see what Dianne adds to grow her space later.

Like the classic song, "A Little Help From My Friends", I'm glad to help a friend and fellow gardener because I know that sooner than later, "I'll get a little help from a friend."  As Dianne put it so eloquently, "This makes it fun and easier when we help one another!" So, if you get a someone in their yard or hey, at any chore.......and as always

Happy Gardening 2012

posted by Wilma Smith

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