Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Plant Shopping Spree Ends in New Varieties & Plants for 2012 Garden

Yesterday, I went plant shopping twice, once in the morning with my friend and neighbor Dianne then in the afternoon with Jerry, my brother-in-law (the backbone of our garden). Although, it's hard to count all the plants in the picture above there are approximately 204 of them with several new varieties and several new types of plants that we've never planted in the garden.

Sweet Peppers -- Included in the 33 sweet pepper plants bought were 12 of the old stand-bys, green bell, red bell, sweet banana and pimento but I'm excited to see how the new varieties of Italian Roasting, Cubanelle and Giant Marconi grow.

Hot Peppers -- Among 17 of our favorite hot peppers are cayenne, hot banana, and jalapeno and added this year, we'll see how Poblano Ancho, Mammoth Jalapeno and Chili Red will fare. Si, si, senor my mouth is already burning!

Seen above to the right are 36 sweet potato plants, "Beauregard." We've never planted sweet potatoes and I can't wait to see how they produce. Last week we did plant red and white potatoes, so this year our "spud" harvest should be very interesting and I'm proud to say less discriminating than last year.

Several other plants we will add to our garden this year are strawberries (7 seen above) and asparagus (not shown). This is new territory for our garden experience, as both are perennials and both require some maintenance and care throughout the year, however, if done right the benefits will far outweigh the work.

I could continue with pictures of this shopping spree but my muscles are already sore from the work needed to get these plants in the ground by Friday....Good Friday, April 6th. But I will finish the list with the following additions:

4 eggplant
9 cabbage
13 basil
29 tomatoes
24 onions
24 leeks
8 Lavender

Plus, I bought these four Lantanas to add to my flower collection for 50% off...$1.74 each at Lowe's in the back. Yep, I'm a sucker for flowers on sale!

We have already planted  alot of vegtables and flowers in the garden and will keep you posted on the progress......until then

Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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