Monday, May 28, 2012

God Bless America -- Memorial Day Tribute

Happy Memorial Day to everyone! I hope you, your family, your friends and neighbors enjoy the day with all the food, gusto and fun that can be enjoyed in our great country. And at some point during the celebration, I hope you and yours remember, as this day was meant to celebrate, remembrance of all past and present who served to make us free..........and keep us free to this day!

Today, I'm remembering my dad (and his brothers) who served in World War II. As, you can see above, he was a handsome man. Although, this picture was taken way before my time, he taught me some valuable lessons about our county, later in my life when I was born.  How to be a patriot, love America and how to respect people and their property.

Growing up, we never had eagles nesting in our trees only hawks, but to me, both always captured a sense of freedom that became a symbol for our country for hundreds of years.

During my dad's service in World War II, he brought back alot of artifacts worn by German soldiers on their uniforms, as seen above. He told some war stories, but really not to me, as I was not born until long after his service.

God Bless America......and God Bless my dad, his brothers, and all brave men and women who served in the past......and all who serve in the present.......America needed them then and America needs them now!

Happy Memorial Day and .....

Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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