Thursday, May 24, 2012

Stand up and garden

More and more people are trying to garden but have problems when it comes to the backbreaking part of it--like tilling, weeding, hoeing and digging. Here is a book for those of us that want to garden, but just can't because of health issues. It is also a method for those who just don't have the time or desire it takes to have a traditional garden but would love to have one if it were easier to do.

This method takes raised beds to new heights--essentially waist high and puts it on the same level as a kitchen cabinet so you don't have to bend or stoop. The method is kind of like straw bale gardening but is more permanent.

There are also suggestions to garden vertically and ideas for mulching, watering, and container gardening. I really liked the suggested idea of planting tomatoes in 5 gallon buckets--a cheap but effective idea for growing America's favorite vegetable.

This book is an easy read and could save you tons of backbreaking work. If you have a secret desire to raise your own fruits and vegetables but your head spins and back aches when you think about it, read this book. You just may be inspired to join the raised bed and vertical gardening movement.

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  1. I just quickly read through this book. I like the idea of straw bale gardening and the buckets, but the whole set up is asthetically unappealing. I would want a way to pretty the whole set up up!