Tuesday, June 19, 2012

A Picture Can Say A Thousand Words

I've always heard that a "picture can say a thousand words" and since I've had some problems taking and down loading photos for our gardening blog, I decided to dig into my old picture vault and see what you think about this saying. Several winters ago, several inches of snow fell and above you can see the beauty of an oak covered with snow in my front yard.

The drive reminded me of  a Beatles song that mentioned "the long winding road."

This bird feeder made a good picture, although I didn't capture any birds around.

The big lake looked beautiful and clear "Spring 2011." Capacity around four acres filled with bass, brim and yes, lots of turtles.

The small lake is two acres and we irrigate the garden from it because it's the closest water source.

Last year was my first trip to Las Vegas. I think most gardeners love to travel and experience different landscapes and plants.

Of course, we all like this kind of green! One million dollar display at "Binion's."

And who doesn't love a cowboy, especially on the oldest gambling strip in Las Vegas.

We stayed at the Luxor, fashioned after the pyramids and artifacts in Egypt. If I had my college major to do over, I would have been an archaeologist.

Of course anywhere you travel there are lots of characters with flare.

Later last fall, I visited my cousin in Lake City, Tennessee. We visited the downtown square in Knoxville that hosts vendors, musicians and good restaurants most weekends. This guy on the sax was great.

One tent was filled with the beat of bongo drums.

Knoxville has some awesome architecture downtown.

My cousins Vernon and Gail love gardening, too and plant their garden down the side of a mountain in in the backyard using raised beds.

Look at this gorgeous view from their garden.

And I had to capture my garden partners, Deberah and Jerry in major conversation around the dinner table.

Last but not least is a photo of Tia on Valentine's Day 2011. No this is not camera red eye, but I guess it's camera green eye.

Well, maybe you don't have a thousand words to say about these photos, a few will do fine. I will be up and running shortly with current garden blog happenings......

Until then.....

Happy Gardening 2012!

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