Monday, June 11, 2012

Rain a Good Day to Reminiscence

Today, I planned to blog an update on the garden, but due to technical issues down loading pictures, I decided, like curling up with a good book, I'd reminiscence on some of the blogs I'd published this year. Amazingly, 2012 is half over and I haven't begun to finish the plans in the yard and garden. In February, I introduced everyone to my babies, Tia and Todd seen above.

These knomes sat on the shelf at the local dollar store.

On, Valentine"s Day, I got some beautiful flowers from my sister and my niece like the kalanchoe seen above.

I shared this photo of a top hat adorned with medals on President's Day.

The signs of spring came early this year because of several weeks of hot weather in February.

In our garden this spring we planted new varieties of tomatoes, peppers, green beans,onions, squash and even added strawberry plants to our plant family.

This was the first view of the garden, after we toiled, tilled and planted.

Pictured above is a surprise foxglove that returned from last year. I bought more and added. Hope they all love the spot ant return next spring.

The "Crossroads Garden Club's" first field trip went to "Hills and Dales," in LaGrange, Georgia. I blogged about the beautiful orchids in the greenhouse.

I captured a photo of Tia taking a nap on the couch.

Several updates on the status of the garden pictured the growth over the months, so far this year.

I caught a snake that got loose in my car cleaning up after the first annual spring garden club yard sale.

And, this photo you haven't seen of Deberah in her dress after she worked all day. She was ready to "rock and roll" in the garden. I love it!

Until next time.....

Happy Gardening 2012!

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