Thursday, June 7, 2012

What a Day for Daylilies!

I love daylillies, but never realized the complexity of planting and maintaining different varieties. I planted some but couldn't tell you their names and discovered I wasn't treating them with the respect they deserved until our garden club visited the "Fern Cove Daylily Farm" last Saturday. I didn't say it was hard to grow them only that daylilies will bring you more joy in the yard and garden, if you learn more about their planting and care. Regardless of your favorite color or size needed to add color and beauty to any yard or garden, you can't go wrong with showers or sprinkles of this amazing flower. The pictures in this blog are some I bought during my visit. Above is a "Phoenician Ruffles," it has a medium sized bloom and I wanted a dark burgundy, as a companion to other colors, I bought.

The daylily pictured above is called a "Dublin Elaine," I think everyone in the garden club bought this variety. As, Deberah commented in her Tuesday blog, Mr. Denny told us Saturday, she is his favorite. Daylillies are in the "Lilliaceae" family, regardless of variety, the scientific first name is "Hemerocallis." They are a strong growing (long lasting) perennial that originated in East Asia, China and Japan which naturally grew in damp, low lying meadows. Some varieties were naturalized in Great Britain and central Europe in 1570. Other varieties from Japan were introduced into Europe in 1832.

I chose this gorgeous "Biggie" variety for my yard because of it's size and color. It has the "biggest" bloom growing at "Fern Cove Daylily Farm."

"Above is the "Shady Lady." Although, it's got shady in the name most daylilies need at least five to six hours of sun, but if  your yard or garden has only shade, your in luck but inquire before you buy with experienced growers like J. G. and Mary Ann Denny who own "Fern Cove Daylily Farm."

I'm not sure if the daylilly pictured above is a "Little Darky" or another picture of  "Phoenician Ruffle" and since I want to be correct, I just say, I bought the "Little Darkie" because it is burgundy, shorter in height and multiples faster than many varieties.

I loved this "Pink Attraction," too and thought it would make a good companion with another darker blooms.

And of course, since I'm a southern peach, I had to add "Cameo Painting" to my landscape, as seen above, just a peachy color!  All in all, I bought nine different daylily varieties to brighten up my yard and garden. Not pictured are "Scarlet Orbit" and "Sunshine." If, you need advice, love daylilies, want to add color to your landscape, visit the farm located at 400 Jim Starr Road, Newnan, GA   30263 or browse their website at I guarantee you'll enjoy the day and the experience.

I took this picture, as soon as, we arrived Saturday morning and really the rays of sun captures my feeling about this fantastic flower. Daylilies are sunshine painted in flowers.

Until next time.....

Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith


  1. I'll bet these are just gorgeous when they are in full bloom...oh my!

    1. I couldn't agree with you more...."Oh My" is right! Thanks for your comment.