Friday, December 21, 2012

All I Want for Christmas is a Mud Puddle

This year what I really wished for Christmas was rain, lots of rain and during the week before Christmas 2012, I got my wish! The drought in our area of Coweta County has been devastating this year. Not only for gardens and yards, but for trees and shrubs, even wildlife that rely on wild flowers, berries and water in local ponds, streams, and ditches that fill with such. 

So, instead of two front teeth, I wished for mud puddles because I knew, if we had those, we would have had several inches of rain.

Rain brightens any landscape, especially plants in a garden. The next few photos are of our garden and the update for this month. Above are bok choy blooms. We'll cut them, dry them and save the seeds to plant in spring. I was excited to see plenty of honey bees doing their thing, as two years ago, we didn't see many

Even with the drought, our broccoli is heading with florets.

Some people don't like the earthy flavor of turnips, but I love these "Purple Tops," boiled, mashed and add butter, like potatoes.

We've had several meals of collards and even gave a neighbor a mess for their Thanksgiving dinner.

Lettuce loves the cool weather and especially the rain.

Our strawberries will produce next spring. They turned a beautiful green with the rain.

We still need lots of rain to fill up the pond, so we can use it next year to water the garden.


Merry Christmas to you, your family and hope all your wishes come true this holiday season! 
I hope rain falls on your garden endeavors and leaves a mud puddle for you!!
Until Next Time.......
Happy Gardening 2012!
Posted by Wilma Smith

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