Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Private Moments with Santa South

Did you ever wonder what Santa Claus does on his day off? Well, I found out when I visited Santa South at his workshop this past week. Although, I wasn't in the Christmas mode prior to the visit, I was singing "Jingle Bells" before I left the shop!
I found him with his granddaughter, Jay, doing what Santa does best, reading "Twas the Night Before Christmas." 
Jay was having fun playing with toys in front of the fireplace. 
Santa has several Christmas trees decorated in his shop as you can see above. 
I sneaked into his office and took pictures when he wasn't looking. 
Santa South has his coat ready to slip into anytime before or on Christmas Eve when he delivers the toys he's made in his shop. 
Santa South has a "Santa Clause" degree. 
The workshop is filled with toys and fun things to do for even a kid like me! 
I caught Jay and Santa having fun enjoying a toy Santa built made like the mouse trap game. 
Elves keep the shop clean and stand by until Santa South needs their help.
Oh what fun riding on the big rocking horse!
Maybe it was the grin, or the twinkle in his eye, but when I left Santa's shop, I was in the Christmas mode and realized Santa South was Santa Claus all year long.
Santa South's shop is located at 3072 Highway 154, Newnan, Ga. 30265. Check out his website at Santapaul@santasouth.com or call 678-340-5193 for a photo appointment at Santa's shop or visit to your home or business.
Also, please donate a new toy for a boy or girl of any age and "celebrate the season of giving", as Santa South has a toy drop-off  at his shop to help unfortunate children.
Thanks for any toy donations!
Until next time........
Happy Gardening 2012!
Posted by Wilma Smith


  1. What a wonderful post, I really enjoyed it and you told the story so well!

    1. Thank you for your comment. I appreciate it so much! Merry Christmas to you and your family as we all need some Santa in our lives. Thanks again!!

  2. Santa enjoyed your visit, Wilma!! So happy you're in the Christmas mood now!! HoHoHo!!

  3. Thanks Santa...love you and what you do!