Friday, March 30, 2012

Finding 4 Leaf Clover Odds Better than Mega Millions Win

Have you ever found a four leaf clover?  I don't think I have but I know I've never won any big lottery! Your odds to find a four leaf clover is 10,000 to 1 and what I understand about tonight's Mega Million drawing is that the odds of winning are about 176 million to 1, so you definitely have better odds to find a four leaf clover.  

I have known people that have been lucky enough to find a clover leaf with four petals, my mother found one and showed me hers pressed in a book for safe keeping. I had a friend that found one. And I saw them encased in paperweights and bubble rings when I took a trip to Ireland. But, I've never been so lucky. Truth is I didn't feel lucky today and even though I had two dollars I could of spent on Mega Millions, I passed.

I think, I'd rather find a four leaf clover for the meaning of the four petals. The first for faith, second for hope, third for love and the fourth for luck. However, I want to wish anyone and everyone who bought a lottery ticket, good luck and hope you win!

If you don't still hope you find a four leaf clover ... and ... if you don't find one of those ...

Happy Gardening 2012

Posted by Wilma Smith 

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