Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Mystery Solved -- The Winner Is......

The mystery of the yellow vine at the end of my driveway is solved, thanks to Charlotte from Newnan.  Thanks, Charlotte for your help!  Below you can see the comment she made on our blog, "Two Sisters Gardening". Obviously, she knows plants and/or knows where to look for the right answers.

"I believe you have the state flower of South Carolina growing in your yard. It is the gelsimium sempervirens or commonly known as the "yellow jessamine,"  it is suppose to have a wonderful fragrance."
happy gardening!
charlotte from newnan

Although, Deberah and I had not planned to give a prize, just recognition, we decided Charlotte deserved a prize, a heirloom tomato, "Chianti Rose" and a couple of heirloom basil plants, "Genovese," that Deberah raised from seed and I transplanted into a bigger pot for planting.

Yellow Jessamine is South Carolina's state flower. A member of the gelsemiaceae family, it is native to warm tropical climates and originated from Guatemala, a southern neighbor to the United States (probably brought my way by a large blue heron that stopped over to feed on little fish in my lake either going north or traveling south). Related to the yellow jasmine it reminded me of this plant and has evergreen leaves and attracts pollinators with it's blooms and fragrance. It also has medicinal properties for health problems like measles, tonsillitis and headaches, to name a few.

Tia and Todd are happy the mystery is solved and that the winner is Charlotte from Newnan because now they can stop searching for the answer. Thanks again, Charlotte and hope you enjoy your prize!

Happy Gardening 2012!

Posted by Wilma Smith


  1. How exciting! I can't wait to plant them.

    1. Can't wait for you to get them,sorry for my response and can't wait till Monday for your presentation!