Friday, March 16, 2012

Patience -- and a Fist Full of Dollars

Every time I go to Lowe's, I walk to the back of the garden center to see what flowers they are practically giving away on three or four rolling carts. These plants are "end of season" that most people don't consider buying because the next season is here and they are looking for what's current to plant in their yards and gardens. Above is a Snapdragon, I bought late last spring for a dollar.

Yesterday, I started my annual chore to clean out some of the flower beds around my house and was so excited to see (above) three snapdragon plants, I bought for a dollar each last spring doing so well. This annual is named from the Greek name anti and rhis, nose, referring to the shape of the flower -- like a dragon's mouth. Snapdragons (Scrophulariaceae family) originated from the Mediterranean and colors range from white, yellow, mauve through scarlet. They bloom spring through summer and are used for bedding and border plants

This Verbena, I bought at Lowe's last fall for a dollar. It is an annual that usually blooms late spring through mid-summer, however seen above, probably due to our mild winter 2011 is blooming like crazy this early spring 2012 at my house. The Verbena (Verbenaceae family) originated from tropical South America and was introduced to Britain in 1692 then incorporated into mixed gardens as a favorite annual for bedding plants and borders.

These three verbenas, I bought at Lowe's last fall for a dollar each, too. And as you can see, they are doing well, even though I haven't determined exactly where to plant them. For me purple Verbenas are harder to establish, as in the past I have tried to incorporate three or four in my borders, however, as you can see, I am still trying to get a good stand growing. 

I needed patience -- and a fist full of dollars, seven to be exact to add some great additions to my flower gardens. These annuals will continue to grow and add color and interest every year to my home.

Just a note, be careful when selecting these deals at Lowe's or anywhere....only buy plants that appear healthy and  that don't looked diseased, without mold, spots on the leaves or severely wilted. Only buy those that appear to be healthy but may need trans-planting (check the roots at the bottom of the pot). I just buy a couple at a time that look good, add to my collection and I can handle at the time.

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