Monday, March 12, 2012

Mystery Vine - Can You Name It?

Several times a day, I walk Tia and Todd down the driveway to insure their needs are met and unless we're in a hurry, I look at all the trees, wild flowers, weeds, or any foliage on the way. This morning I was surprised to see this vine blooming that I had never noticed. Immediatley, the blooms and leaves reminded me of a yellow jasmine, as I had tried to grow one around my mailbox without success years ago and also, because my mom's neighbor has a large yellow jasmine vine growing in his yard.

Do you have any idea what this mystery vine might be? I know it wasn't planted intentionally. I know it's a vine. It could be wild or a volunteer.

I love a good mystery and need your help to identify this mystery vine - Can you name it?

We'll just keep searching for the answer until we hear from you.

Although, there's not a big prize to solve the mystery you will be recognized if you can name this mystery vine. Thank you... and...

Happy Gardening 2012!

posted by Wilma Smith

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  1. i believe you have the state flower of south carolina growing in your yard. it is the gelsimium sempervirens or commonly known as the "yellow jessamine". it is suppose to have a wonderful fragrance.
    happy gardening!
    charlotte from newnan