Thursday, March 8, 2012

Save Your Knees

I had a wonderful Christmas, 2011 and one of my favorite gifts was a portable bench and kneeler that Jeremy, Holly and Riley gave me (some of my favorite people). This Yard Butler is a multi-use seat and kneeler for any chore -- gardening, household chores auto, boat and camping -- the list is endless. So far, the knocks, cuts and falls on my knees as a kid and adult have not led to any type of knee surgery but I do have "Arthur" creeping into some of my bones and joints, making this gift ideal for an older gardener like me.

One reason I like this multi-task bench/kneeler so much is because it folds down making it easy to store anywhere in the house, basement or garage, as seen above. Plus the kneeling and sitting platforms are made of soft material not hard metal.

Pulling weeds, as above, and planting bulbs can be easy on your knees with this addition to your garden tools.

Sitting on the bench is easy even though Todd seems a little apprehensive. You can trim, pick vegtables and fruit or spray anything needed while sitting.

Saving your knees is important. Knee pads like these above are relatively cheap and are sold at most garden centers. If your not as lucky as me to have a gift like the garden kneeler pads are the next best thing. Below are pads bought at yard sales. They do the same thing and can be bought for dollars, saving your knees and your pocketbook.

Tia, below, prefers you sit on the bench and pet her.

 I love this gift not just because of my knees but because it has so many uses around the house (although, it's not made to be a step stool). However for me it's a great garden asset and adds the cushion my knees while working out in the yard and garden.

I wanted to shout out and thank my neighbor Dianne for volunteering to be the garden model for this blog. When I called and asked her to come over she didn't hesitate. Good neighbors are hard to find but I am blessed in every way by family, friends, neighbors, and a garden kneeler! 

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  1. I've seen (and used) those little kneeling pads before, but never anything as wonderful as this. What a great gift you got!