Friday, March 22, 2013

A Cut Above

Last Friday, Deberah, four other Crossroad Garden Club members and I attended the Southeastern Flower Show held at the Cobb Galleria. There was so much to see and enjoy, it's hard for me to say I had a favorite. However, I was drawn to the center of the exhibit hall by a display made by a company called Cut Flower Wholesale.

The display was simple but beautiful, comprised of different sizes and heights of black pedestals with mainly cut flowers arranged in mostly glass vases, as seen above.

This large potted arrangement was one of three scattered among the display.

The flowers were grouped by colors and hues. There were dozens of varieties featured that bloom during spring and summer, plus one section of orange colors containing some fall favorites.

Tulips, roses and gladiolus were displayed in every color. See how many other kinds you can recognize in today's blog.

I  kept imagining a garden growing in my back yard filled with the entire display!

Cut Flower Wholesale, Inc. is located at 2122 Faulkner Rd., Atlanta, Ga. 30324 (the Broadview area). Their business card boasts, "Atlanta's source for flowers!" and from their breath taking display, I'd say they are a cut above. It also shows an email address of and a website at
I haven't had a chance to check out their site, but I think for weddings or other special occasions, it would be worth the time.

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Happy Gardening 2013!
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