Monday, March 18, 2013

Arnall Grocery Co.-- Not Your Average Seed Store

If you've followed Two Sisters Gardening blog for any time, you know I love garden centers, hardware stores, and most any place that sells plants, seeds, tools, fertilizers, etc....etc....etc.

So before every garden season starts and often throughout the summer, I visit the oldest seed store in Newnan, Arnall Grocery Company. H. C. Arnall, grandfather of the former governor of Georgia, Ellis Arnall, established the company in 1869. He built the store next to railroad tracks and several blocks from where the Newnan Train Station was located (probably to have easy access for shipping and receiving goods).

In 1960, the Beavers family bought the business and when I viewed their website I was surprised to see their goal to be a "Honest Family Business." With that in mind, I understand why even with all the larger stores' competition they continue to thrive.

Early spring you can find mostly vegetable plants for sale, herbs and as you see above pansies. Although, their selection of plants is limited, you'll find plenty of seeds inside to fancy any gardeners

Above you see, Charles Hunter, who is ready to load your vehicle with the largest or smallest load, if you need help. Henry Vaughn (not pictured) is also ready to help. Charles has been working here as long, as I can remember. Growing up, it was a treat to ride to town with my dad to visit Arnall Grocery to by supplies for our garden and animals.

Now, I call this a "wall of seeds." They sell seeds in bulk packaging which is cheaper per package for the quantity. Plus, I've always found their seeds dependable to sprout. Also, they sell onion sets and seed potatoes

If you can't find what you need in front, just ask, as they stock bulk items in the back; food for most any pet; lime and fertilizer; paper products; lake maintenance supplies (not found at other garden suppliers); paper products; and on....and on.....

You'll find local made honey and syrups which you can't buy just anywhere.

Arnall Grocery Company is located at 32 E. Washington Street, Newnan, GA  30265. Support your local economy while having lots of fun, visit Arnall Grocery before you start your seed quest this season.

Well, got to go now and plant some of these seeds before it rains!

Until Next Time........

Happy Gardening 2013!

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