Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dress Up with an Easter Bonnet

I loved this exhibit at the Southeastern Flower Show and since Easter is this Sunday, it reminds me of some of the Easter bonnets I'd seen in the past. I also thought about how much fun I'd have making my own to dress up a spot on my breezeway.

The applicants were all given a sleek plaster mannequin stand (I don't know the other criteria required) then asked to make a hat made of floral materials atop. Each display was judged with blue, red, white, yellow or no ribbons. I thought they all did a good job and deserved a blue ribbon.

A little fruit never hurts especially when your necklace is green pearls, as seen above.

Moss was the main material for this hat, maybe a little twenties era.

This Madonna had tulips, roses, ferns and that southern moss draped as hair.

Sometimes less is best, seen above, as the face is obscured with too much foliage.

Maybe a lily or orchid, what do you think?

This applicant went English gentleman with a mustache and eyeglasses, a few calla lilies and hydrangeas on the top of the hat made of leaves.

Think about dressing up a favorite spot somewhere in your garden, deck or patio with materials from your yard or garden made into an Easter bonnet or anytime hat.

So, after the great meal and the egg hunt, let the kids, family and friends (and of course us gardeners) have more fun making Easter bonnets out of materials in the yard and garden. All it takes is some imagination!

Until Next Time.......

Happy Gardening 2013!

Posted by Wilma Smith

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