Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Spring Flowers are Here!

Although for the past several weeks I've been working to rid my yard of many, unwanted invasive plants, my fellow gardener, friend, neighbor and I found time to visit several local garden outlets for seeds to start for the spring and summer gardening seasons. We ended our seed quest at Lowe's and I wanted to share photos of what Dianne and I found at the entrance.

As seen above, Lowe's entrance always makes me feel like over spending my gardening budget before I get inside. The display in front is always made with whatever flowers are best blooming during the season (what a smart marketing technique).

Bulbs like tulips, crocus, snowdrops, narcissus, and hyacinths need to be planted in fall for the show in early to late spring. But if you want some color on your door step in early spring to greet guests, neighbors and friends, buy pots now for most enjoyment, $9.00 to $12.00 per pot will brighten the stoop, patio or deck through most of April depending on how much color you prefer. Tulips were brought from Turkey to European countries 300 years ago, then to Holland. Dutch bulb growers bred, crossbred and altered many of the original varieties we use today.

Pansies are a great choice for spring borders and containers. Imagine a container filled with tulips or other taller bulbs in the middle and pansies around the edge.

Commercial landscapers use the pansy because of the variety of colors (solids and variegated) and it's hardiness. Their blooms can last through June with proper care until the temperature reaches high eighties for extended periods.

The pansy is a member of the viola family which bears smaller flowers and often fragrant but doesn't tolerate heat, as well as the pansy.

Now is the time to add to your rose garden with a new species and different color. These are tea, bush and running roses not the recent knockout favorite.

So since we already sprang forward an hour, put a spring in your step and visit a local garden center. I bet you'll be encouraged to get some dirt under your nails 'cause spring flowers are here!

Until Next Time.......

Happy Gardening 2013!

Posted by Wilma Smith


  1. Thanks for sharing photo's, flowers are so pretty. Yesterday I planted pansies, I will have to do a blog on them, I still have a few more to plant.

  2. Sylvia, I just realized you have a blog! Please send me your blog address to dellsaint@aol.com. I appreciate the support you have given me on Two Sisters Gardening. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks, again.

  3. They look like their in their prime! Can't wait to see what all the batches are gonna look like in a couple of weeks!

    -Samudaworth Tree Service